Solar-Powered, rechargeable Li-ion batteries, LED Headlamp - Solar Panel combination kit

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Head lamps

A headlamp is a vital piece of gear for any camper, hiker, backpacker, climber, or outdoors enthusiast who may end up outside when the sun goes down. GRS INDIA CORPORATION Provide the one of the best latest feature of Headlamp.

The battery is recharged by a foldable 3W polycrystalline solar panel array, encased in a tough fabric envelope. The solar array recharges the Li-ion battery via a cable and mini USB plug. The battery may also be recharged from a standard USB power source if available. The headlamp beam is adjustable for distance or close-up illumination and, has three intensity settings: bright, power saver and strobe.

  • Headlamp, with adjustable beam angle, and articulated lamp holder.
  • On/off/intensity/flash switch
  • Adjustable head band, with the battery compartment on the rear
  • Rearwards-pointing LED safety light on the battery compartment.
  • Solar array in foldable fabric envelope
  • Polycrystalline solar panels.
  • • Solar-power output connecting cable.

POWER SOURCE Solar charge / Battery
SOLAR PANEL 3W polycrystalline foldable solar panel array
CABLE USB connection cable
BATTERY 2600mAh li-ion battery
BRIGHTNESS 300 lumens on bright, 150 lumens on power-saver.
LED LED settings: bright, power saver, strobe. Rearwards facing safety-light LED.

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